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LeBron James on his upcoming free agency: “My family is what’s most important to me, more than anything”

What’s best for his family will be the largest factor in LeBron’s decision.

USA Basketball Men's National Team Training Camp Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

As the 2017-18 regular season comes to a close, Cleveland Cavaliers fans are once again faced with the reality that these playoffs may be the last time we see LeBron James in a Cavs uniform. It’s not a unique feeling, as this has occurred three times in the last four years and four times during his two stints with the team.

But the speculation has been louder than ever with this year, since the departure of Kyrie Irving. While the free agency crop isn’t strong enough to create a new super team from scratch, there are rosters like the Sixers and Rockets that could be taken to that level by adding James.

While everybody is speculating on what James wants to do, he opened up to about the biggest factor in his decision:

When it comes time for James to weigh his options, he said Sunday that the most important component in determining whether he stays in northeast Ohio or leaves will be his family.

”My family. That’s all that matters,” James told “I want to continue to win at the highest level, because I know I can still do it as an individual, and then my family. My family is what’s most important to me, more than anything.”

Anybody that claims to know what James is doing with certainty at this point shouldn’t be taken seriously. History tells us that he is going to weigh his options, leverage those options, then try to create the best situation possible for himself.

That being said, if Fresh Prince of Bel Air has taught me anything, it’s that Philadelphia is no place to raise a child. So based on these comments we might be able to rule out one of the biggest rivals to Cleveland when it comes to free agency.