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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics Game 6 player grades

One more for half of all the marbles.

Boston Celtics v Cleveland Cavaliers - Game Six Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Well, it’s somehow going to a seventh game. I’m not complaining.

LeBron James: A+

Gaudy numbers be damned — one of the best ways to measure the amount of control LeBron is exerting on a game is to look at his assist to turnover ratio. His nine assists to three turnovers were miles away from his horrible performance taking care of the ball in Game 5, and he exerted a ton of control in the win. Oh, also, he scored 46 points.

Kevin Love: INC.

Love took a nasty collision from Jayson Tatum that knocked him out for the game.

J.R. Smith: C

Smith was a non-factor yet again on offense, but his work on Jayson Tatum (15 points) was certainly impressive. He’s never stopped fighting in the series, and the team will need more than solid on-ball defense in Game 7.

Tristan Thompson: C+

Thompson was fine in this game, but lost a ton of minutes to Larry Nance, who just happened to have the better night at center. He blocked a couple shots, but failed to make a huge impact.

George Hill: A-

Is that you, George? Hill was excellent for the Cavaliers in Kevin Love’s absence, scoring 20 points and getting to the line six times to make up for no made three-pointers. He also was phenomenal on defense (despite Terry Rozier going off from three) and was the biggest reason the Cavaliers won outside of LeBron. The Cavaliers cannot afford for him to be passive in Game 7. They just won’t be able to survive it.

Kyle Korver: B-

Korver was his usual excellent self, making up for an off shooting night (2-6 FG) with tons of effort plays and active hands. Also, he somehow beat Aron Baynes on a jump ball. I dunno, man.

Jordan Clarkson: C-

Clarkson had his second consecutive game that wasn’t complete garbage. He wasn’t efficient and looked off LeBron wide open under the hoop, but at least he scored on the play. He is sopping up minutes adequately, though Tyronn Lue is trusting his “hot” hands a little too long.

Larry Nance Jr.: B+

Nance was absolutely excellent from an effort perspective in this game, and finished 5-5 from the field. He played the entire fourth quarter but never appeared to lose his bounce, and his active hands and strong effort on the defensive glass kept the Cavaliers in control.

Jeff Green: B-

Hey! A solid Jeff Green game! He made tough shots, he finished at the rim as a cutter, and even blocked a couple shots en route to a 14 point night. You can’t ask for much more.