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Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics Game 7 player grades

The Cavs are headed back to the FInals.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Boston Celtics - Game Seven Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

The Cavaliers are going to their fourth straight NBA Finals. What a time to be alive.

LeBron James: A+

No number that LeBron could have put up would be more impressive than his 48 minutes. He played every single second and the Cavaliers needed every single second. The Cavaliers have three days off before the Finals, and LeBron will need every ounce of rest he can get. 35 points, 15 rebounds, nine assists. The definition of doing everything.

Jeff Green: A

Anybody who’s paid attention to coverage of Jeff Green from this particular commenter knows that all he needs to do to be successful is to hit just enough of his threes, attack in transition and finish at the rim while providing quality man-to-man defense. He did that tonight and was as big of a reason that the Cavaliers won as anybody that wasn’t named LeBron James.

J.R. Smith: B

J.R. was just good enough for the Cavaliers to help them get to their fourth consecutive Finals. He missed a few gimmies early, but his three three-pointers were vital for the Cavaliers and all came when they were very much needed.

Tristan Thompson: B

After being outplayed by Larry Nance for the past two games, Tristan Thompson took his chance to shine in Game 7. 10 points, nine rebounds and solid defense while cleaning up possessions for the Cavaliers was a huge positive for the Cavs, especially as they really struggled elsewhere offensively.

George Hill: C+

George Hill had a tough offensive game, as he did for the entirety of the series while in Boston. With that said - he helped hold Terry Rozier to 2-14 shooting and more than held his own on switches in the post the rest of the game. It’s not all about scoring, and Hill proved that, proving me wrong.

Kyle Korver: C

Korver missed a few shots he normally makes and the Celtics played him particularly well. Ultimately, this just wasn’t his game.

Jordan Clarkson: D+

Listen, I understand George Hill couldn’t play the whole game. But it didn’t feel good to see Clarkson open the 4th quarter. He failed to make an impact and finished a team-worst -13 in his nine minutes.

Larry Nance Jr.: D+

Nance lost his momentum from the past two games and could barely stay on the court as he fouled fairly indiscriminately in his eight minutes.