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Kevin Love: “I’d love to play with LeBron the rest of my career”

Love believes he fits in with LeBron.

NBA: Playoffs-Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Fans aren’t the only ones unsure of the future of the Cleveland Cavaliers. With the free agency of LeBron James rapidly approaching, the Cavs are forced to do everything possible to shake up the team and make an appealing pitch to their superstar.

But with seemingly everything on the table, it can lead to uncertainty for the rest of the team. Especially if you are someone like Kevin Love, who is one of the few pieces of this team with noteworthy trade value.

With the annual tradition of being in trade rumors underway, Love opened up about his desire to remain with the Cavs and LeBron James:

“Anything is possible,” Love said. “People have been saying that for the past four years. I knew that question would come, but I like to be here. I’ve always said that. Always wanted to win here.”

“It’s something where I’m sure he will spend time with his family and when that times comes to make a decision, he will be in a good frame of mind. Obviously, I’d love to play with LeBron the rest of my career, but that will be a choice that he makes.”

At this point, almost everybody is in the dark. We don’t know what LeBron has planned for this summer or where he will play. Most scenarios that result in him staying in Cleveland seem to involve Love being moved for a different star player. But ultimately we have no idea if that’s what LeBron or the team wants.

Love put up the most efficient season of his career offensively in 2018 and showed up in a meaningful way for the second straight Finals. It’s been a bumpy road for Love in Cleveland, but he has shown an ability and willingness to adjust his game and sacrifice for the team.

If LeBron does leave the Cavs, I would hope that the team honors whatever Love wants to do. If he wants to go to a winning situation, the franchise owes it to him to accommodate his request. If he wants to stay, I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing more of him in a Cavs uniform.