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Cavs have “every expectation” that they’ll keep Collin Sexton

The team’s lone pick seems to be firmly in the team’s hands.

NBA: NBA Draft Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The lack of activity from the Cleveland Cavaliers was a major story at the 2018 NBA Draft. With the team trying to convince LeBron James to stay, it was assumed that the team would be looking to make moves to improve their roster. When those moves didn’t come, it left some wondering if eighth overall pick Collin Sexton could be moved in the near future.

At his media availability Thursday night after the draft, Cavs GM Koby Altman said that the there is “every expectation” the Cavs will keep Sexton.

“I think we’ve gone through a long process this year of scouting him,” Altman said. “ Obviously he’s a talented, talented point guard who can score, can get into the lane, he’s athletic, he has upside. I think his shooting is improving. But what we’re trying to be about in Cleveland right now is guys with great attitude, great work ethic and then guys that really want to be here. When I called him tonight, he wanted to run here. You can tell — he exploded out of the phone with how much he wanted to be here. That’s meaningful to us, that’s meaningful for the city and how we want to have this organization. Guys that are sort of that attitude drive and that want to be here. And obviously that are super talented. We’re excited about Collin.”

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, Sexton is here to stay:

On the surface, simply adding a teenager probably isn’t going to move the needle for keeping LeBron James. But even with the Cavs keeping him, it still doesn’t rule out other moves being made.

Having Sexton should bring energy to a Cavs team that often played uninspired basketball. His motor is off the charts and has the tools to be a nuisance on defense and in the heads of the opposition.

If LeBron does stay, the Cavs will need to make sure they aren’t in a position where they need to rely on Sexton. Whether that means George Hill continues to start, or they go out and get a veteran. But he can still play a valuable role as the third guard and hopefully breathe life into some of the older players.

But if this situation becomes a rebuild, having a character guy like Sexton becomes incredibly valuable when you are trying to establish a new culture. The pick caught a lot of people off guard, but Sexton has proven people wrong at every stage of his career. He now has a chance to do that again in Cleveland.