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LeBron James isn’t interested in hearing elaborate recruiting pitches

This time around, LeBron wants a simpler process.

2018 NBA Finals - Game Four Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

As his free agency gets closer, LeBron James reportedly wants a a simpler process.

According to ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne, James isn’t interested in hearing elaborate recruiting pitches this summer, believing that he and his agents understand the landscape well enough to make a decision. Per Shelburne, James may talk to a team owner and/or club officials, but does not want full-on pitch meetings. He also has not decided whether or not to pick up his $35.6 million player option for next season. James has Friday to do so.

In 2014, James only met with the Cavs and Heat himself while his agents met with the Bulls, Lakers, Suns, Rockets and Mavericks at the Klutch Sports offices in Cleveland.

For LeBron, this makes sense. Right now, it seems as if he’s only truly considering a few options and also understands what those situations offer. At this point in his career, and in his third free agency, LeBron has seen it all.

What this means for the Cavs, and their chances of keeping LeBron, is unclear. All they can do now is wait.