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Up-and-coming NBA players have privilege of working out with Cedi Osman

In all seriousness: this is very, very cool.

Cedi Osman seems to be having a pretty cool summer.

On Twitter, Osman shared an image of him working out in Los Angeles with ex-teammate (and new Laker) LeBron James, Warriors forward Kevin Durant and Raptors forward Kawhi Leonard — three of the very best players in the world. Ex-Cavs coach Phil Handy, who spent a lot of time working with Osman last season, is also in the picture:

It’s unclear how exactly Osman linked up with James, Durant and Leonard, but he seems like the type of young guy stars might want around to help them break a sweat in the summer. It’s also the type of environment that can only be good for Osman has he heads into his second year and the first year he’s likely to play a large role.

Also: It is very on-brand for Osman that he is the only one smiling in the photo. And how nice of him to share some words of encouragement in his post for three players still finding their way in the NBA.