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Sam Dekker says Cavs re-signing Kevin Love means team isn’t ‘folding up’

The new Cavs forward spoke with a paper in his home state of Wisconsin.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Dekker wasn’t a part of the last four years of Cavs basketball, so he wasn’t a part of the success the team had. But the newest Cavalier doesn’t see the team folding up post-LeBron James.

“They’re by no means folding up,“ Dekker told the Manitowoc Herald Times. “I know LeBron did amazing things, got them a title, four straight Finals. I mean, no one will be able to replicate what he did for the city of Cleveland, but I think there’s a sense of excitement now that we can see what we can compete with now.”

Dekker also told the paper that the Cavs’ decision to re-sign Kevin Love indicates that the team isn’t going to rebuild.

”Signing Kevin (Love), I think, showed a lot of people that this isn’t going to be a rebuild,” he said. “We’re going to still try to compete, add some pieces, and to be a part of that is exciting. I think there’s a lot of good room for growth, and I’m excited to be, like I said, a part of that and contribute and hopefully land a good role there and show what I can do.”

For Dekker, coming to Cleveland is a chance to rebuild his career. It’s his third team — Dekker previously played for the Clippers and Rockets — and is coming off of his worst season. His struggles are why the Cavs were able to acquire him from the Clippers for nothing. Even if the Cavs do compete as Dekker thinks they might, the hope for him has to be that there are opportunities for him.