POLL - Kevin Love's a Given; Who's Next in Line?

Sporting a brand-spankin' new 4-year $120 million contract extension with the Cavs, Kevin Love is definitely the headliner on the roster this season. Unfortunately one man can't win you too many games in the NBA nowadays.

Love's role has shifted drastically during his years in Cleveland. He started out as the third option -- then was the second -- then was the first. All in the past three seasons.

The new team roster is coming into its own around him slowly but surely, however there is one glaring hole -- no definite second option.

Sure there are the Rodney Hood's and JR Smith's of the world who can step up on any given night and have a big game to compliment Love, but their inconsistency is cringe-worthy. In the NBA, every Batman needs a Robin and right now, its not too obvious who exactly that will be.

So what do you think? Who will establish himself as much-needed number two for the Cavs this season?

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