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Watch: Collin Sexton, Dwyane Wade exchange jerseys after Cavs-Heat

The Cavs rookie gets a legend’s jersey.

NBAE/Getty Images

This season, as he completes his last NBA season, Heat guard Dwyane Wade has exchanged jerseys with several players, including LeBron James, Donovan Mitchell and Anthony Davis — and Collin Sexton is the latest in that group.

After the Cavs played the Heat Friday — the last game Wade will ever play in Cleveland — Sexton and Wade swapped jerseys and posed for a photo together.

“He told me to keep goin’, keep workin’,” Sexton said after the game. “Don’t get down on myself and everything will work out in the end.”

This is a really cool moment for Sexton. In a rookie year that has probably involved more losing than he’d like, Sexton will always have this moment. In exchanging jerseys with a legend of the game, he gets a moment that he’ll never be able to recreate and that he’ll never forget. Even though the Cavs lost on Friday, that’s a cool end to the night for Sexton.