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Two for one: Cavs drubbed by Pistons 127-94

The Cavs were not on the Pistons’ level.

NBA: Detroit Pistons at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Here is the two for one from the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 127-94 loss to the Detroit Pistons

Positive: John Henson and the rest of the roster made it through this game healthy.

Listen, there isn’t a whole lot to work with here. This game was a disaster on every level with very few feel good moments.

You had one great run during the first quarter, and that was about it. But on the plus side John Henson returned to the roster. He and the rest of the team did not suffer any obvious injuries and the team took one step closer towards having a full squad.

That’s something.

Negative: The Cavs need to work on their defensive communication.

There were times that it seemed like the Cavs were playing hard defensively, but the efforts were almost always a solo act. Jumping passing lanes a second late, overzealous close-outs or help defense that lead to open threes.

Some defensive regression was always going to be inevitable for Cleveland as the season progressed. But lately it seems as though a lack of communication and understanding for where each player is supposed to be is leading to more breakdowns.

Less can be more, especially when it comes to the young Cavs guards defensively. Worrying about playing solid team defense and being in position should be the priority over seeking home run plays on that end. The Cavs don’t have the personnel to cover up for those solo efforts and it has largely been counterproductive.

Negative: Darius Garland unable to build positive momentum

Of all the disappointing aspects of this game, this one might sting the most. Blowout losses will happen several more times this season. But when the occur you hope there will at least be some individual bright spots from the Cavs young players.

While Collin Sexton had a nice scoring output, it was a tremendously forgettable night for the rest of the team.

For Garland to come off his best game of the season and be a complete afterthought tonight was discouraging. He was barely involved offensively and struggled to convert on the looks he did have.

It’d be nice to see more of an effort to get Garland involved offensively with some set plays for spot up looks. Or more opportunities to get reps running the pick and roll. This season isn’t about wins or losses, so working through these growing pains has to be the priority.