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Non-Cavs we love: Kyle Korver is a human flamethrower

Who doesn’t want to shoot like him?

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This week at Fear the Sword, we are kicking off our first theme week writing about non-Cavaliers that we love. First up is, well, an ex-Cavalier.

How long can a player maintain a three-point percentage that is equal to or above their age each season?

That’s the question that Kyle Korver makes you ask.

What is the answer? In the midst of his age 37 season, he is shooting 40.9 percent, right in line with his 43.1 percent career average. He led the entire NBA in three-point percentage just two years ago.

Is it 41 years old? If he wants to play four more seasons after this, he could keep shooting 41 percent or higher. Why couldn’t he? He’s a human flamethrower from deep.

The only other player that could get to or surpass 41 percent at 41 years old right now is probably Stephen Curry, and that’s if he even wants to play 11 more seasons or if his body would hold up that long.

Only looking at players who take at least 0.61 threes per game (50 attempts per 82-game season), the current title is shared by Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry who, in their age 39 seasons, shot 40.9 percent and 42.7 percent respectively.

If Kyle Korver makes it to 41 percent at 41 years old (assuming he’s in the league), he will most likely retire at second place in total threes made in NBA history, behind only Curry. All he has to do is continue to average 150 made threes per season over the next four seasons and he hasn’t made fewer that 150 threes in a season since he was a member of the 2011-12 Chicago Bulls.

Have I mentioned that he’s a flamethrower?

Korver, even today, is just such a joy to watch play basketball. Even as he ages and becomes less athletic and mobile, fans of whatever team he plays for are practically never upset to see him check into the game.

He’s the seventh-oldest player in the league but the modern NBA is becoming more and more aligned with who he is as a player. He’s a wing player with decent size and high basketball IQ who is willing to give 100 percent all of the time. You want someone to slide over and take a charge? Kyle Korver will do it. Ball loose in the paint and someone needs to dive on it? Look out for Kyle Korver. You’re on the fast break but there’s a defender on the ball? Here comes Kyle Korver sprinting to the corner.

Have I mentioned yet that he’s a flamethrower?

Members of your team struggle with their shooting form and you need a player-coach to help smooth things out? Just get Kyle Korver on your team.

Defense is shutting off your main offensive action and you need a bucket? Set any screen for Korver and throw the ball to wherever he’s running.

Earlier in his career, us regular folk always thought about guys like Vince Carter or Ray Allen or Kobe Bryant when we would shoot basketballs or balls of paper or literally anything. In the second half of his career, the general population has been obsessed with guys like Curry and Klay Thompson.

The people that want to really learn shooting and be great at it? They looked to Kyle Korver for wisdom and he delivered. Watching Korver shoot is like going to shooting school because every fundamental is solid on practically every shot. He even shared his very detailed 20-point checklist for every shot he takes.

Korver was teammates with Larry Nance Jr. for 294 days, including the off-season, but was credited by Nance himself for enabling Jr.’s in-game shooting from deep. Nance is only 18 of 51 this season on three-pointers, but even shooting 38.3 percent on wide-open threes and being willing to take them is enough to change the way the defense reacts.

Jeff Green gave similar praise to Korver when they played together in Cleveland and even LeBron James has publicly admitted to getting advice and coaching from Korver. What other player gets this kind of credit from his teammates while still active in the NBA, one of whom is the GOAT?

All of this makes Korver one of my favorite players in all of the NBA and I am extremely thankful for the short time he was a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Had he never been a Cavalier, I would still have loved him the same for all of these reasons.

Also, did I mention he’s a flamethrower?