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Cavs talking with Rockets about Alec Burks deal

The rumored trade would net the Cavs a first-round pick.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Chicago Bulls Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

As expected, Cavs guard Alec Burks is involved in a trade rumor. And if the deal happens, it would be a great return for the Cavs.

As reported by The Athletic’s Jason Lloyd, the Cavs and Rockets are discussing a deal that sound send Burks to Houston in exchange for a first-round pick and point guard Brandon Knight. Burks will be a free agent this summer, while Knight will make $15.6 million next season in the last season of his deal.

Getting a first-round pick for Burks would be a huge get for this Cavs, even if it falls later in the first round. This is a team that needs all of the chances possible at drafting young talent and developing it.

Trading Burks would make the Cavs worse now, and he’s been solid being acquired from the Jazz in the Kyle Korver deal. But trading him, especially if it nets the Cavs a pick, makes too much sense. And if the Rockets deal falls through, they should still look to get a first-round pick from another team looking to shed a contract ahead of this summer.