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Kevin Love says he’s happy to be back and tired of wearing street clothes

Love also said it felt “weird” to come back.

NBAE/Getty Images

Kevin Love played just over six minutes in his first game since Oct. 24. Still, he had fun being back on the court for the Cavs.

“It was fun to be out there,” Love said, per “This is my 11th year and I’ve seen a lot, done a lot, but coming back off that was a weird feeling. Felt good to be back out there. I have enough suits to get me through three months, but I’m tired of wearing a suit every game and just sitting out there so I was happy to wear some different street clothes in here and throw the jersey on and I know it was only six and a half minutes, but it felt good.”

Love also said that he’d play “a game or two more” before the All-Star break. He also said that he had only played 5 vs. 5 once in practice, saying “we didn’t have the guys to do it.” Love, though, wasn’t sure if he had played more 5 vs. 5 on if he would have played more.

“Just getting that first blow, we wanted me to air it out and just progress from there from a minutes standpoint,” he said.

It’s the right call for the Cavs to take it slow with Love and not rush back to play 30 minutes a night and playing back-to-backs. But in the few minutes he did play, it’s clear that he’s going to help the team and making things more interesting.