How To Bet On The Cavs

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I have found an interesting NHL betting guide online but I have applied the same theories to the NBA so thought I'd share the knowledge.

Hopefully, the Cavs can help us all make some money.

For reference, the odds I talk about here may not truly reflect what is on offer - I have made them just for educational purposes.

Here is a brief summary of how to bet on the NBA.


This is just selecting the team that will win based on your calculations. It's easy to see through an example.

Imagine we were looking at odds for a match between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the New York Knicks. The odds may look something like this:

Cavs -165

Knicks +145

From these betting odds, we can see that the Cavs are considered favorites to win, indicated by the '-' sign. Therefore, you must wager $165 to win $100.

Conversely, these odds imply that the Knicks are the underdogs, indicated by the '+' sign. Therefore, you stand to win $145 from a $100 wager.

Moneyline bets include overtime.


The point spread, ie the spread, is like the moneyline except that the teams have a points handicap placed on them.

So, using the above example, the spread may be this:

Cavs -5.5 -110

Knicks +5.5 -110

To win a bet on the Cavs, ie cover the spread, they must beat the Knicks by 6 points or more. If they lose or win by 5 points or less, you lose the bet.

To win a bet on the Knicks, they must win or not lose by 5 points or more. If they lose by more than 5 goals, you lose the bet.

Point spread bets also include overtime, meaning that bets cannot push on a spread bet.


In the NBA, most futures are placed on the winner of the finals.

If you get it right, the payouts tend to be quite large, especially if you bet at the beginning of the season!

If you're one to follow your heart when it comes to sports betting, this is the one for you!


The final way to bet on the NBA is totals ie the number of points scored in the match. You may see odds that look like this:

Over 210.5 -110

Under 210.5 -110

If you think there will be 211 or more total points scored, you bet on the over. If you think there will be 210 or less total points scored, you bet on the under.

Note that totals also include overtime.

Hoped this helped!

Let me know if you have your own particular betting strategy - I'd love to share ideas so hit me up!

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