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Cup of Cavs: It’s almost time for March Madness

Today’s Cavs news and notes.

NCAA Basketball: Murray State at Austin Peay Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Here is your Cup of Cavs for Monday, March 11. Questions/concerns, drop us an email to We have a legit SB Nation email address now!

Take of the day

Just keep this is in mind as you think about March Madness and you think about the basketball you’re watching and the takes forming in your head: The best two Cavs draft picks didn’t play a single game in the NCAA tournament. Success in the tournament is not everything, even if it’s fun.

Draft watch

As of today, the Cavs have the third-worst record in the NBA. They have a 52.1 percent chance of landing a top-four pick and a 14 percent chance of landing the No. 1 overall pick. They could pick as low as No. 7 overall.

Today’s Tankathon sim yielded the Cavs the fourth overall pick in the draft. They have a 12 percent chance of landing the fourth overall pick.

ICYMI — news and notes from yesterday

Three key Cavs are listed as out for Monday’s game. Plus John Henson.

Oh lord, James Dolan

Oh, the Lakers season


Embiid is back

International political sparring, NBA edition

What to read today

ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz brought out the flamethrowers in writing about the Lakers