A Response to Richard Jefferson

Dear Richard Jefferson,

The story you told "Well, That Was one Hell of a Ride", was a lot of fun to read. It was very interesting how you started by talking about the greatest moment in your career. To a lot fans it looked like one of the most fun times someone could ever have in sports. What you described was one of the toughest emotional times of your career. It would be hard to imagine what a player goes through during the playoffs when there career and reputation on the line. It had to of been much harder for you since it had been 13 years since you last had the chance at a ring.

One amazing part to hear about every professional athlete is to here how they grew up and the conditions they had to live with. It seems to be pretty common in athletes that accomplish a lot to have a rough childhood. It seems to provide a motivation and extreme work ethic only some athletes have. The fact that you did not play organized basketball until the age of 15 ir pretty amazing. A lot of parents start the kids at the age of 7 or sometimes even lower. I wonder if them starting younger is a advantage or disadvantage. Do you wish you could have started playing organized basketball younger?

You talked about your college a lot. You mention that you are a "idiot" at the time. Not media trained or being shown and told how to act. Do you think having to find your own path in college and learning from experience allowed you to last longer in the NBA?

It’s pretty great how you were able to admit that you were ring chasin. A lot of people have hard time admitting that. Although you were ring chasing you were a very good asset to the team. If you were able to go back in time and change anything during your career what would it be?

Sincerely, Cavaliers Fan.

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