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Two for one: Cavs get sloppy in blowout loss to Magic

It’s a big loss after all.

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Orlando Magic Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The only people that enjoyed this game from the Cleveland Cavaliers are the fans that only check box scores to keep an eye on the lottery odds.

It was a brutal showing from the Cavs as the Orlando Magic hand them a 120-91 loss. It was an unenviable position for Cleveland to be in, down three centers against a team that seems to exclusively draft big men.

Positive: Another good game from Collin Sexton

Collin Sexton continues to shine in this post All Star stretch of the season. The fact that he is putting up these games against some of the better defenses in the league is also very encouraging.

The most impressive thing about his game currently is that he is putting up strong offensive numbers without dominating possessions. He is moving and finding passing lanes off ball, is showing a willingness to keep the ball moving and is making quicker decisions when he has the ball.

His vision as a passer still requires a ton of work, but being willing to give up the ball and let other players initiate has helped him succeed within the flow of the offense.

Negative: Reality check for people hoping Ante Zizic will be a part of the Cavs future

With Collin Sexton and Cedi Osman finishing the season strong, it would be a great story if Ante Zizic could provide some reason for optimism.

Despite being tall and having nice touch offensively, Zizic still seems in over his head any time the opposition goes at him. He is routinely out of position or in poor position, lost in space, and struggles to gather the ball when it’s passed to him.

If you give him minutes, he’ll put up counting stats. But his game does not seem conducive to winning basketball.

Negative: Turnovers and effort

The Cavs had 16 turnovers on the night, which is obviously unacceptable. Their lackadaisical approach to ball security bled into every other aspect of the game as they appeared to be playing in molasses for the majority of the evening.

Cedi Osman had a solid first half, only to be held to two field goal attempts, no assists and one rebound in the second half. While the team probably should have tried to get him involved, his energy and assertiveness usually generates opportunities for himself and that fire was non-existent in the second half.