A Grade on the Cavaliers Season/Last 20 Games

Basketball is made of a lot of highs and lows. You can’t ever expect to always be on top The Cavaliers had some of the most memorable years ever. They visited the finals with maybe the greatest team ever multiple times.They even beat them when they were down 3-1 in the series. Probably something that will not be done again

Unfortunately the fame and being one of the best teams in the NBA doesn’t last forever. This year they have experienced a lot of lows. One of the worst seasons in franchise history. Changing coaches, lots of players coming on and off the team, and a lot of drama with players.

There are always two things you can do about losing. Option A you can look at it as a failure, just put in enough effort for it to go by and hope the next year is better. Option B, you can try and improve your game and fight for your team and fans every night. It seemed like the players were settling with option A for the first 50 games. Just pacing through the season. Hoping something changes for next season.

The last 20 games have been different. The bench has been excited and the players have been playing well. They have even managed to win a few games. They are 8-12 in their last 20 games. I think a big help has been having Kevin Love back.

If I were to grade the Cavs the last 20 games it would be a B+. They have been fighting hard each and every game. Collin Sexton has really been playing well. The inconsistency is what is hurting them each night. The way they have been playing gives hope as a Cavs fan for improvement the rest of the season and nest season.

Just because they are not making playoffs doesn’t mean this season was not successful. If they can go 8-12 in the last 20 games i think that would be a success. Ending the season well would show hope for next year and returning to playoffs.

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