Cultural Anthropology Study - I need some help!

Hey everyone, I'm doing an online ethnography for my cultural anthropology class. I'm a doing a study on sports communities focusing mainly on its more "toxic" elements. I'm hoping you guys can help out by answering the following questionnaire in the comments section below, I'd really really appreciate it.

1.) Have you ever been personally attacked by someone online? (in relation to sports)
If your answer is yes, how did you address it?
If your answer is no, how do you intend to address it if it happens?

2.) Have you ever personally attacked someone online? (in relation to sports)
If you have ever attacked someone, why did you choose to confront the person?

3.) What makes sports social media toxic to you?

4.) How often does one find abusive/racist comments on sports social media?

5.) Is there a way to improve the environment or prevent the toxic of sports social media in advance?

6.) Do you recall an incident wherein someone said something very abusive?

7.) Do you have a personal limit/boundary before someone goes out of line?

8.) Do you find any common characteristic between people who are in these toxic situations?

9.) Do you use sports as a way to take a break from work?

Thank you so much!

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