Cavalier's Best Draft Option in the First Round

Going into the draft lottery as a Cavaliers fan of course I was hoping for the number 1 pick. It wasn’t just because "the best’ player gets drafted. There was one player I really thought would come to our team and fill a hole in our team if we got the number one pick. Zion Williamson is a dominant player that the Cavaliers are really lacking. Since Lebron left we don’t have a player that is dominant and we can rely on to have a good game every night. That is why we were so inconsistent. You never know who is going to show up and score.

We do have a lot of young talent on our team that you hope keep developing. Collin Sexton is a very good rookie point guard. I am very excited to see his future and how well he develops. His quickness and ability to finish is a lot like former Cavalier Kyrie Irving. He also really improved his shooting. We really don’t need to look for a guard because he has that position covered.

Not getting the first pick in this years draft will make it a lot harder to find the player that will fulfill our needs. With how many players we have gone through at the forward position it would be nice to get a young player to fill that position. I really hope they pick Cam Reddish at the 5th pick from Duke. He was very underrated because of all the attention was on Williamson and Barrett. I believe he has a lot of potential to be a dominant well rounded. His field goal percentage was less than ideal but he was able to get plenty of shots. He would most likely be the third Duke player picked in the top 5 of the draft but I think he would be the Cavaliers best pick at 5.

We also have the number 26 pick but by then you never know which players are going to be left. With either one of our picks I don’t think it will change our next season a whole lot. We have a lot of young players that are developing and will be a couple more years until we see a lot of success. If I was the GM I would take a chance on a young center. A player that will drop further than he probably should is Bol Bol. If he could somehow fall to 26 they should definitely take him.

As long as we get rid of Tristan Thompson and JR Smith as soon as possible we might have a brighter future. Between all the drama and injuries with them on our team last year you could have called us the Cleveland Kardashians. They combined to play a total of 54 games but get a combined salary of over 30 million dollars.

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