Lebron James Top 5 Clutch Playoffs Plays as a Cavalier

Hate him or love him, Lebron James is the best player to ever play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He is the reason 90% of the people joined this blog. James was able to perform at the highest level when it was needed the most, especially during the playoffs. Here are my 5 most memorable late game crucial playoff plays that helped win the game or even the series.

1. 2015 Game Winner against Chicago Bulls

Anytime you are down in a series is makes coaches and players nervous. Down one game is not the worst thing in the world. Cavaliers were down 2-1 in the series going into game 4 against Chicago. A late game inbound play from the baseline allows for a corner fadeaway jump shot for Lebron for the win. Cleveland ties up the series and goes on to win the series. That was a very tough Chicago team and if Lebron was not able to hit that shot I don’t know if Cleveland would have won that series.

2. 2009 Lebron Game Winner vs Orlando Magic

The Cleveland Cavaliers were down 1-0 in the series against the Orlando Magic. This was a big game in eastern conference finals. Down 93-95, Cleveland had the ball on the sideline with very little time left on the clock. Lebron was able to get open and hit a top of the key three point shot to win the game and tie the series. It would have been a lot tougher going back to Orlando down 2 games in the series.

3. 2016 Iguodala Block Game 7

Game 7, under two minutes left and Cleveland needed every advantage they could get to win the championship. I remember watching this game on my couch. I was very nervous. Game was tied 95-95. Curry and Iguodala were on a fast break. Usually leads to a easy bucket, but when you have Lebron James chasing you down nothing is a easy bucket. I was so excited when he blocked him leading to the Cavaliers championship.

4. 2018 Lebron Game Winner vs Pacers

After a huge block on Victor Oladipo, Cavaliers were able to call a quick timeout. Game was tied at 95-95 but Lebron was not looking for overtime. Series was also tied at 2-2 and would not want go down a game heading back to Indiana. So Lebron did was he always does and hits a ridiculous shot at the top of the key to win the game. He really made it just look like a routine shot when it was a series defining shot.

5. Raptors game winner

Cleveland was already up in the series 2-0 which was quite the surprise considering the Raptors were a number one seed. That did not stop Lebron and his Cavaliers. Well it was late in game three and Cleveland with 8 second left and they were able to call a timeout. They decided to not take the ball at half court and go the full length. The game was tied at 103. Kevin Love inbounded the ball to Lebron and he went the length of the court and hit one of the hardest bank floaters. The difculty of this shot is not nearly recognised as much as it should be. This would lead the Cavs to win the series and another trip to the finals.

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