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Caesars Sportsbook projects Cavs to win 24 games next season

Cleveland is among the worst teams in the league according to this projection.

Cleveland Cavaliers Introduce Darius Garland and Dylan Windler Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

Las Vegas oddsmakers don’t think highly of the 2019-20 Cleveland Cavaliers.

Caesars Sportsbook in Las Vegas projected the Cavs to win 24 games next season, tied with the Charlotte Hornets for the lowest win total in the league. Last season, Cleveland had the third-worst record in the NBA at 19-63. Ceasars also has the Cavs at +100,000 to win the title — meaning a $10 bet would yield a $10,010 payout.

The Cavs’ low win total isn’t all that surprising, considering they are going to be relying on a ton of young players and could have a roster completely in flux due to the sheer number of expiring contracts on the roster. John Beilein is also a rookie head coach (at least in the NBA) and while Kevin Love is an All-Star caliber player, he’s probably not enough to raise this group from the bottom of the league.

However, it would be surprising if the Cavs were the worst team in the league. The Hornets doesn’t have a player as good as Love, for one. The Knicks, who are slotted in for 27 wins, don’t either. And are the Wizards, listed at 28.5 wins, 4.5 games better than the Cavs?

All of this will be decided when the season gets started, and maybe Cleveland will be better than expected. It’ll at least be fun to find out.