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Best case, worst case: Matthew Dellavedova

What could next season hold for the veteran fan favorite?

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Best Case

Chris Manning (@cwmwrites): So let’s say Dellavedova’s shot looks better this year as his form indicates from over the summer. This makes him a little bit better as an off-ball shooter and allows him to function well around Darius Garland and Collin Sexton, as he can play without the ball and also defend. He also can be a key locker room presence — as he was last year — for a very young team that needs some veteran voices around. He, along with Tristan Thompson, feels like the guy best suited for a leadership role on a bad team.

Justin Rowan (@cavsanada): Delly’s improved release helps him regain his effectiveness as an NBA player. The catapult appears to be a thing of the past, meaning he could again have some value as a shooter. He’s a third string point guard and a good locker room presence. He could POSSIBLY fetch something as an expiring contract. But with so many other expiring deals on the Cavs that provide some value on court, he’s probably the last to be moved.

David Zavac (@DavidZavac): On a team like this, if Delly’s your fourth guard I think you could do a lot worse. Having him around in practice to challenge Garland and Sexton feels valuable on some level, and they’ll never have to deal with the ridiculous talk Kyrie did that Delly is somehow a better player/fit for the Cavs. He may not have the championship cache that Kevin Love and Tristan Thompson do, but he was there all the same. The best case scenario is that he stays healthy, and stays on the Cavs, regardless of how he plays. If he makes some threes in the meantime, great.

Worst Case

CM: Delly’s altered shot doesn’t result in anything meaningful, and it means he’s not really helping with off-ball shooting as much as ideal. At the same time, injuries mount up as they have the last few years and it limits how much he’s actually pushing the young guys in practice and how often he’s actually around the team day-to-day helping out and mentoring the young guys. His health, more than being traded or just not getting minutes, feels like the biggest barrier to him being helpful during the 2019-20 season.

JR: Low ceiling comes with a low floor. The worst case scenario is that Delly can’t stay healthy and therefore is unable to at least help push guys in practice. After a season of few to no contributions he walks for nothing and that’s the end of the second era of Delly in Cleveland.

DZ: He can’t get past a string of the injuries that have seemed to linger for him over the last few years, and he’s not available to the team. The Cavs don’t trade Jordan Clarkson or Brandon Knight, so his minutes are few and far between anyway. He finds himself as a bubble NBA player in free agency in 10 months.