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Final score: Cavs get blown out at home by Knicks, temporarily improve lotto odds

This was depressing.

New York Knicks v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn lessons. Sometimes, you lose.

This game, in which the Cleveland Cavaliers were blown out by the New York Knicks, was a loss. Tristan Thompson and Larry Nance Jr. hustled and did some nice things, no one else really did. There was embarrassing transition defense, no one could make any shots, and the passes were not made when they needed to be made. Both Darius Garland and Collin Sexton consistently missed their pick and pop or pick and roll partner, either completely or in delivering the ball when it needed to get there. Over and over they settled for low percentage floaters or dribbled the air out of the ball.

The New York Knicks, 106. The Cleveland Cavaliers, 86.

It didn’t have to be this way. The Cavs were up by one at halftime despite poor shooting. The Knicks didn’t have a player get to 20 points, but the Cavs didn’t either. Quite frankly, this was as poor a quality of play as you’re likely to see in an NBA game. Sexton shot 6-20 from the field, and matched his four assists with four turnovers. Garland was worse, at 4-20 and added just three assists to go with two turnovers. If they are going to dominate the offense to that extent, and they are going to shoot like that, it’s tough to overcome. It happens, it’s not the end of the world, but it makes competing tough.

Tristan Thompson did score 13 points and pull down 22 rebounds. Larry Nance Jr. had 12 and 10. The Cavs had just 11 players available, and John Henson was a coach’s Did Not Play. Kind of hard to build trade value when that happens, but who knows if there’s any interest anyway.

  • Not a single Cavs starter shot 50% or better from the field
  • Kevin Love was 4-10 from three point range. He missed his four other shots.
  • The team had shooting splits of 34/33/65 for the game.

This was the first home game off a long road trip, so perhaps that’s an excuse that can hold some water. Hopefully they can bounce back soon. The Cavs and Knicks now share the third-worst record in the league. Draft season is here, if it wasn’t already.