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Cavs debut 2020-21 City Edition jerseys

The jerseys come along with a new court design.

After a look at the jerseys were officially leaked last week, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ City Edition jerseys have been officially released in conjunction with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

“We are thrilled to team up with the Cavaliers to amplify Cleveland’s rock and roll heart through the City Edition uniform. This allows us to tell our exciting story throughout the Cavs basketball season,” said Greg Harris, President & CEO, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

“At its heart, Cleveland is a rock and roll city in a passionate sports town,” said Tracy Marek, Cavaliers CMO. “The Cavs new City Edition uniform brings together what makes us move and groove in the streets and on the court.”

Here are few images from the team

Here’s the court. Per the release, the design was made by the Cavs’ creative teams and features ‘a black perimeter features a design inspired by the Record Rendezvous storefront sign and frames the smokey gray hard wood floor.’ The Cleveland on each baseline features the same font as the jerseys.

Are the jerseys or the court design particularly good? No. The rock ’n’ roll-Cleveland connection is overplayed at this point and it’d be cool to have a jersey that is more in line with the city culture as it currently exists. The color scheme is a little boring too.

That said, these images look better than the leaks. And the button-like emblems on the shorts actually look pretty good. They’re also better than other Cavs jerseys in recent memory, notably the grey jerseys from the 2018-19 season.

That said, it is cool that City Edition sales can also drive donations to the local Save our Stages campaign. The Cavs are also matching every donation made through this platform.