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What we learned about the Cavaliers this week: Jan. 27 - Feb. 2

We saw some good things from Collin Sexton and Kevin Porter Jr., but there isn’t a whole lot more to get excited about.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Cleveland Cavaliers Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

It was an up and down week for the Cleveland Cavaliers. They broke their seven game losing streak in Detroit, played well against the defending champions, then got run off their own floor by the worst team in the league Just another week for this ill fitting team. Here’s what we learned.

Kevin Porter Jr. looks good, but he’s far from a finished product.

The rookie looked like he didn’t miss a beat after sitting out ten games. He finished the week averaging 15.5 points on a 63.3 true shooting percentage. Porter had one his best weeks shooting as he connected on 45.5% of his threes on 5.5 attempts a game.

KPJ has been arguably the most exciting thing to happen for the Cavs this season. He’s completely blown away my expectations for him on both ends of the floor. The rookie has been close to an average defender which is a remarkable achievement for someone his age and on this team. Porter has also shown he has all the tools to be a premier scorer in the league.

This week also highlighted why Porter has a long way to go. He finished Thursday’s game against Toronto with seven turnovers including one that essential sealed the win for the Raptors. On the week, he finished with 15 turnovers, 5 assists and a turnover percentage of 21.7%. Porter has the worst turnover percentage of any Cavalier rotation player this season with 15.7% of his possessions ending in a turnover.

Rookies are prone to turnovers. This isn’t the biggest red flag in the world. However, turning the ball over at this rate makes it almost impossible to play him no matter how efficiently he’s scoring. Especially when he isn’t setting up teammates on a consistent basis. The coaching staff and veterans have been harping on turnovers all season. Hopefully we see this turn around soon.

Collin Sexton continues his impressive scoring while showing he can sometimes make the simple passes.

Sexton has been on a scoring tear since the start of the new year. He’s averaging 22.7 points and three assists while posting a 57.7 true shooting percentage during that stretch.

The most encouraging part of this week has been Sexton’s slight uptick in assists as he averaged 4.3 per game. While 4.3 assists isn’t anything to get excited about, it’s at least a start. Sexton showed this week that he is capable of making the easy passes at times. There were numerous times where Sexton drove to the basket, recognized where the help was coming from, and hit the open man. The bar isn’t high, but at this point that’s all I want to see from him.

Sexton can be a capable and somewhat efficient scorer in this league. However, he needs to bring a little more to the table then that. Making these simple passes is a nice start down that road.