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Collin Sexton says he would ‘hate it’ if NBA season were canceled

Sexton recently appeared on Chris Haynes’ ‘Posted Up’ podcast.

San Antonio Spurs v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

Whether or not the NBA season returns or doesn’t in any capacity amid the coronavirus outbreak is currently unclear. But you can count Collin Sexton among the players who don’t want to see it end without any more games being played.

“I would hate it. I would hate it,” Sexton said while appearing on Chris Haynes’ ‘Posted Up’ podcast. “We have 17 games left and we are just trying to understand each other. We just got a new coach, so we are just trying to understand him. We’ve got 17 games and we are just trying to finish on a good note. We weren’t in contention for the playoffs or whatnot, but as long as we finish on a good note and let this roll over to next season, that’s all we was looking forward to.”

When asked by Haynes what he thought about the NBA season shifting to later start date as a result, Sexton said it would be “tough,” but that it wasn’t for him to decide.

Sexton’s sentiments aren’t surprising. He’s a competitor more than anything else and, per his interview with Haynes, is currently back in his hometown of Atlanta without regular access to a basketball court. For a whole who loves playing as much as Sexton, that’s rough. He was also just starting breakout and emerge in his second season. To stay in shape, he said he’s lifting weights, running and using an exercise bike.

“It’s tough. It’s really tough just because we’ve been playing the game since we were three, four years old and when someone takes the game away from you for however long it’s on a standstill, it’s tough,” Sexton said. “We all didn’t imagine that that was our last game we’ll play of the season or for a while, so it’s kind of difficult because we all like to compete, we all like to win and just go out there and play with that fire. And when someone takes that, I’m trying to figure what I’m doing at home.”

Before he went to Atlanta, Sexton said that he was quarantined in Cleveland for four or five days as the team had played the Jazz — who had two players rest positive for the coronavirus — not that long ago.