Kevin Porter Jr is Growing Up

Kevin Porter Jr is Growing Up.
(Chris Fedor,

Kevin Porter Jr is Growing Up in front of our eyes to complete his rookie year.

Porter has gone from injured to unknown sub to important piece in less than a season.

Kevin Porter Jr. and his two fellow 2019 draft class first round picks are expected to lead a Cavs renaissance per Chris Fedor of Cleveland dot com. Darius Garland and the injured yet to debut rookie Dylan Windler are the other two Cavs 2019 first rounders.

Kevin Porter Jr. Was drafted 30th in 2019.

Kevin Porter Jr. spent the summer and early fall of 2019 with an injury.

Kevin Porter Jr. eventually entered the lineup. He was a bench player. He still isa bench player. He is a regular rotational bench guy now though.

Kevin Porter Jr. might be part of the future Cavaliers renaissance. He might not be part of it either. He averages just under ten points. Like his Cavalier peers he does not post high enough assist totals to mention.

Kevin Porter Junior's improved play is encouraging. To start the season he missed his first six three pointers but then he showed quick improvement and made three of his next six threes per basketball reference.

More recently Kevin Porter Jr. has improved in other areas. He scored ten or more points in three of his first twenty games. Over his next twenty games he scored in double digits seven times. In the current third twenty game set of the season he has eight and seven of those were consecutive.

Kevin Porter Jr. is certainly scoring more as of lately. He got his second twenty point game ten games ago. He just scored thirty for the first time the other night as the Cavs defeated the Miami Heat.

The Cavaliers are taking many tries to find the future of their top scorers and leaders. The Cavs have not found young leaders yet.

The Cavs may have a scorer in Sexton. Although, his score first and only score drive has meerly taken him to his second year average of 19 points per game so far according to Yahoo Sports NBA.

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