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Announcing a new Fear the Sword series

Let’s dig deep into the Cavs.

Cleveland Cavaliers v New Orleans Pelicans Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers, with where they are in their current rebuild, have a lot of needs. Some will be addressed via internal improvement via players like Collin Sexton or Kevin Porter Jr. Some will be covered by future draft picks, while others will be address in free agency. Maybe a trade or two solves other needs. Regardless, the Cavs have some work to do.

Over the next few weeks, we have a new series at Fear the Sword diving into various need and the different ways to solve them. The plan — and there is one, not just an Isaiah Thomas drive-by post — is as follows:

  • Week of July 27: Three-point shooting
  • Week of August 3: Versatility
  • Week of August 10: Rim protection
  • Week of August 17: Playmaking
  • Week of August 24: Wing defense
  • Week of August 31: High-end talent

Each week will follow this format:

  • Monday: Why this is a need
  • Tuesday: Free agency fits
  • Wednesday: 2020 NBA Draft fits
  • Thursday: Internal options
  • Friday: Roundtable on said need

This series will live alongside any news posts, other analysis pieces and a daily links posts a la what our friends at Dawgs by Nature and Lets Go Tribe do. I’m very, very aware we are too inconsistent on posting and this is the first step in changing that, even if though we are still amid the pandemic.

At some point this year, we will see the Cavs play basketball again. (Probably.) Whether that’s first in a second NBA bubble or at the start of the 2020-21 season, we have some time to dive deep like this. Between myself, Evan Dammarell and Trevor Magnotti, we hope you all enjoy this series and we can engage in some respectful discourse in the comments. Any questions/concerns/suggestions, don’t hesitate to send them my way.