Is the Garland and Sexton experiment over?

I think it is.

I never saw Garland as a starter even in College. I also think Garland and Sexton starting at Guard is a defensive liability.

They should start Sexton and Porter Jr. at the Guard positions. I think Garland will be a solid backup PG.

So you have Sexton, Porter Jr., Windler, Love if you can't trade him and Drummond for one more year.

This brings us to the 5th pick and if we don't trade it or get rid of Love, I think Obi Toppin will be the perfect choice. Cavs need some maturity instead of getting all of these young players with no leadership. Toppin is 22 the same age as Jimmy Butler and others when they were drafted.

At the end of the day, I think the Garland and Sexton starting at Guard is over. Garland will be a solid back up PG. Garland and Exum running the second unit should work out.

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