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Outlining 2020-21 season coverage at Fear the Sword

Some updates.

Cleveland Cavaliers v Orlando Magic Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

Hey there, Fear the Sword.

Some of you maybe noticed a little bit ago that I noted we would be adding more writers and creating more clear content patterns for the site. Well, here’s the announcement.

On the content side, we are going to have a few recurring columns each week:

  • Monday’s will be feature Jackson Flickinger’s always great ‘what we learned this week’
  • Every Thursday will feature a check-in on the various Cavs young players co-written by myself and Evan Dammarell
  • On Sunday, I’ll be writing a column about a stat that explains the Cavs’ last week

Later this month, we’ll also be adding a different, day-after game coverage called ‘Talking Points’ that’ll run along with immediate recaps. Cup of Cavs will also run each day and we’ll be posting Locked on Cavs on the site each day too. There will also be more analysis pieces to come on a less regular basis. Mailbags will still be going down too as we get questions.

Now, for the new staff members. This is a group selected from a very detailed application process and that I’m very excited about and please welcome them each warmly. (Also read their articles for commenting and telling them they are wrong.)

Andrew Keiper is a journalist working out of Brooklyn, New York by way of Akron, Ohio. He’s a graduate of Kent State University and a lifelong fan of Cleveland sports. Follow him on Twitter for his reporting, absurdities, and sports takes at @keiperjourno.

Simon Hannig is a Cavs/Canton Charge writer for Fear The Sword. He also works for 19 News (WOIO) in Cleveland as an assignment desk editor/digital content producer. You can follow me on Twitter, @S_Hannig.

Will Cunningham is junior studying journalism at Ohio University. He has covered the OU women’s soccer team and women’s swimming and diving team, as well as writing a weekly sports column. He lives near Cleveland and has been an avid Cavs fan for as long as he has understood basketball.

Conor Dickinson is a 25-year-old graduate of Temple University, is originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, and is currently based in Brooklyn, New York. Dickinson became a Cavaliers fan in 2004 and has been an avid fan and consumer of Cavaliers content ever since. Conor’s other interests include the Philadelphia Eagles, television, history, and politics. Conor can be found on Twitter at @Conor570

Leah Nemeth is a versatile marketing and writing professional with over 15 years of experience in the field of communications. She has been an avid Cavs fan since she was 8 years old and is here to combine two of her biggest passions — creating engaging, thought-provoking content while experiencing Cavs Basketball. She graduated from Kent State University with a degree in Magazine Journalism in 2005. Twitter: @Leah_Nemeth

Will Baptist is a Wright State University alumnus and a former sports reporter for the Wright State Guardian. Covering sports is a passion of his and he’s an aspiring NBA journalist. Follow him on Twitter @Will_Baptist.

Nick Trizzino is a writer, editor, and retired middle-school center. He also won back-to-back spelling bees, so covering basketball felt like a logical endpoint. He’s a lifelong Cavs fan, and not even living in Pittsburgh can change that.

Imari McPherson is an ardent sports fan who is passionate about sports writing and photography. McPherson studied Journalism and Communication Studies at Kent State and began writing in 2018. Starting a personal sports blog in 2019, he has experience covering and writing articles on multiple professional sports leagues such as the NBA, NFL, MLB, WNBA and the Premier League.

Mike Anguilano has had the pleasure of writing about the NBA for the past four-plus years for Def Pen Hoops as a writer and managing editor. I also covered the Detroit Pistons for Palace of Pistons as a writer and content manager. As a lifelong Cleveland sports fan, and Northeast Ohio resident, Anguilano hopes to provide Cavaliers fans with logical, informative, and thought-provoking writing.

I’m personally very excited about where the site is headed and what we can do to cover the team. As always, reach out with any questions or concerns and hope you all enjoy where we are headed.