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Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers News and Links for Friday, November 12

The last links post of the week.

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Washington Wizards v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Happy Friday everyone!

The first sip

Dean Wade is not a franchise changing find for the Cavs. When everyone is healthy, he may not even play much, if all.

But Wade is good enough for what the Cavs need him to be — play spot minutes mostly at power forward, get up lots of three-pointers and try hard on defense. The way the Cavs got him — Wade went undrafted after injury concerns hurt his stock, then he signed a two-way deal — is also a win. Teams need to find talent outside of their actual draft picks and free agency and then develop that talent. It’s why the G League is only going to become more important in the next several years.

So consider Wade, currently filling in as a starter for the Cavs while Lauri Markkanen is out, a success for the Cavs. He’s also on a bargain contract, which helps.

Fun fact: He’s also a Trilogy-era Weeknd fan and that’s awesome. Just imagine Dean Wade vibing out, listening to Glass Table Girls.

Read this

At The Athletic, Marcus Thompson on Gary Payton II finding his spot in the league with the Warriors. Gary Payton II rocks and is fun to watch.

Links of the day

Nikola Vucevic tested positive for COVID-19

The next bit in the Ben Simmons saga is Rich Paul speaking publicly

Steph Curry: Fan of the book version of Fergie’s All-Star National Anthem

Pistons center Kelly Olynyk is going to miss six weeks


Dan Geriot picked up his first win as Cleveland Charge head coach last night