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NBA: Chicago Bulls at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

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Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers news and links for Friday, December 10

Hey, relax, buddy, it’s the weekend!

It’s Friday again! I assure you, the grind can and should stop on weekends. Let’s get to the Cavs.

The first sip

You’ve no doubt heard about it all season: The Cavs’ schedule to this point has been a gauntlet dipped in a bloodbath in hell. But with Wednesday’s demolition of the Bulls, at long last, the hardest part is in the rearview.

Per Tankathon, Cavs opponents the rest of the way sport a combined .480 winning percentage, by far the lowest in the league. Over the next month, they’ll face the Timberwolves, Kings (twice), Rockets, Pelicans and Pacers—all ninth or worse in their respective conference—each for the first time this season. Only 5 of the Cavs’ 16 games in that span are against teams with better records. The Cavs have a real shot at entering 2022 with a top-four seed to their names.

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