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NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Boston Celtics David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers news and links for Friday, December 24

FTS hopes the holidays treat you well!

Happy Friday (and Merry Christmas Eve to those who observe)! No NBA games on the slate today, if you even want to count what’s been happening the last week or two as NBA basketball.

The first sip

Honestly, it’s hard to find the bandwidth to focus on the Cavs—any sport, really—right now. The league and the world at large is getting crushed by another wave of the Covid tsunami, and it feels like measures taken to combat it dwindle by the day. Adam Silver said there are no plans to stop playing games, because the league office is “having trouble coming up with the logic” of pausing the season.

…yeah. So, it seems like the Cavs are going to be relying on the likes of Luke Kornet and Justin Anderson for at least a few more games. There is some joy to be found in replacement players getting another shot—it was pretty cool to see Joe Johnson just give the Cavaliers a bucket again—but you’d be forgiven if you don’t find the current state of affairs, in which teams like the Cavs desperately scramble to replace more than half of their regular roster, all that appealing.

Here’s hoping everyone comes back from this holiday weekend healthy and refreshed.

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