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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Utah Jazz gamethread

It’s some Sunday Cavs action.

Utah Jazz vs Cleveland Cavaliers Set Number: X163563

Cavs-Jazz is an interesting style matchup. The way the Jazz play defense — with Rudy Gobert sitting in the middle and eating space — vs. how the Cavs play two bigs and look to work inside (they are fifth in shot attempts at the rim, per Cleaning The Glass) is going to result in some head-to-head battles. Who comes out on top more often might define the game.

There’s also other fun matchups — Darius Garland against Mike Conley Jr and Isaac Okoro guarding Donovan Mitchell namely. Plus, it should be interesting to how the Jazz defend Evan Mobley since they’ll have a size disadvantage in that matchup.

Also of note: It’s a Jordan Clarkson homecoming game! Clarkson, even if didn’t help the Cavs at the highest level when it mattered in the NBA Finals, was a fun presence and a cool character in the league. It’s fun to have him back and probably have some bro moments with Kevin Love.

Anyway: Enjoy the game on this Browns-less Sunday and keep it clean below.