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Matthew Dellavedova undergoes surgery for acute appendicitis

Dellavedova continues to not be able to catch a break.

Indiana Pacers v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by David Liam Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

Matthew Dellavedova continues to have an incredibly unlucky several months.

Dellavedova, the Cleveland Cavaliers veteran guard who has been out since the preseason due to a concussion, has now undergone surgery for acute acute appendicitis. Dellavedova first announced the issue on his Twitter account on Saturday afternoon:

The team then announced that he had undergone a scan on Saturday after altering Cleveland’s team medical and athletic training staff to pain in his right lower abdomen. A CT scan showed that he had acute appendicitis. As a result, Dellavedova had surgery and is now in recovery.

Dellavedova had not played in game this year due to the concussion and now having his appendix out. It’s unclear when Dellavedova will be back exactly, but this certainly slows that down. It was reported earlier this year by The Athletic that Dellavedova was considering retiring, but Dellavedova himself shot down those reports. Recently, he posted a picture of himself working out at the Cavs’ practice facility in Independence.