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Chosen: A deep rewind of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ 46-year title quest

Tune in for the first in a three-part series.

The birth and destruction of the Cleveland Cavaliers needs a deep rewind | CHOSEN: Chapter 1

Welcome to Chosen, a full-on look back at how the Cleveland Cavaliers spent 46 years trying to win an NBA and then somehow pulled it off in 2016.

Above is the first chapter of the series and focuses on Kyrie Irving, the Cavs’ 2011 first overall pick and the man who hit the biggest shot in franchise history. And to full understand him, the episode goes back into Cavs history to the first drafts in the 1970s, the Ted Stepien era of the 1980s when the team actively didn’t care about draft picks and how the Cavs ultimately needed to be rescued, in part at least, by Irving.

The next episodes — the second on Kevin Love and the third on LeBron James — drop on July 3 and a TBD date in July respectively. Full details on the series can be found here. I’ve seen the first two and they are incredible. Watch the first, tell your friends and come back later in the summer for the chapters to come.