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2021 NBA Draft Open Thread

Come chat as the Cavs pick third and aggressive moves are made seemingly across the league.

2021 NBA Draft Photo by Ashlee Espinal/NBAE via Getty Images

The 2021 NBA Draft is here, finally. And it’s time for the Cleveland Cavaliers to make a big pick.

With the third pick, the Cavs are likely to pick USC big man Evan Mobley. Maybe that shakes a different way and Cleveland takes someone like Gonzaga’s Jalen Suggs or G League Ignite prospect Jalen Green. Regardless, this is a big opportunity for the Cavs. Picking third is a chance to get a level of talent they might not have had a shot at if they hadn’t jumped a few slots in the lottery.

The NBA also might be active tonight. The Cavs already got involved in reportedly acquiring veteran guard Ricky Rubio, but there’s a lot of others moves floating out there. Most notably, there’s Russell Westbrook perhaps on his way to the Lakers. Ben Simmons is out there and maybe the 76ers deal him tonight.

Regardless, this is an important night for Cleveland and the first real night of the offseason. Should be fun!