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Chosen: Michael Jordan once ruined the Cavaliers

Chapter 2 of Chosen is here!

Chosen, the latest project from Secret Base, is documenting the Cavaliers’ 46-year quest to win an NBA title. In case you missed it, you can watch Chapter 1 here and dive into Ted Stepien, Kyrie Irving and the impact of the NBA Draft on the Cavs.

In Chapter 2, the lens turns to Kevin Love and the moment he locked down Steph Curry in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. To fully get that moment, Chosen goes back to the Gordon Gund era and, before LeBron James changed the franchise, arguably the best era of Cleveland basketball. With a front office led by Wayne Embry and Lenny Wilkens and featuring players like Larry Nance Sr., Mark Price and Brad Daugherty, the Cavs looked poised to make a real run at the title.

And then Michael Jordan happened. And that changed it all.

Dive in below and learn more about the entire series here. Look for Episode 3 in a few weeks time.