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Gregg Popovich: Team USA will “demand a lot” of Kevin Love

Love is in Las Vegas with Team USA ahead of the Olympics.

2021 USAB Mens Practice Photo by Ned Dishman/NBAE via Getty Images

Cavs forward Kevin Love is currently in Las Vegas with Team USA ahead of the upcoming Olympic Games in Japan. Love was perhaps the most surprising inclusion on the 12-man roster considering he has been injured and not been the All-Star caliber player he was when he played for Team USA almost a decade ago.

That said: It sounds like a lot will be asked of Love.

“We’re going to work his ass off the next four to five weeks and demand a lot,” head coach Gregg Popovich said on Tuesday, per ESPN.

“That’s going to definitely get him back into the rhythm he needs to be in to continue to play. I think that’s one of the big reasons he wanted to do this, so he can get himself back to who he was.” Per the story, Popovich was the one who decided to offer Love a spot on the team.

For Love, this is a big moment and a big summer. If he plays well, it maybe can boost his diminished trade value and help grease the wheels on a trade to a team he wants to play for. Or if he plays well and isn’t dealt, perhaps it can at least get him in rhythm before the 2021-22 regular season starts and have him playing better basketball than he has over the last several seasons.