Cavs' team NBA League Pass for 2021-22 - why?

Being out of the NE Ohio television market, in Minneapolis, as I am, here are the only ways I would get to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers this upcoming season that I don't have to pay anybody any more money than I am already paying Comcast/Xfinity, Bally Sports North (through their hyperexorbitant fees), and by the grace of the NBA national media partners actually broadcasting Cavs' games:

1 - two games versus the Minnesota Timberwolves, home * and away, on Bally Sports North
2 - whatever games the Cavaliers get through the NBA national media partners (ha ha ha ha ha ha :'( )

And here are my options (whether they are financially realistic for me or not is ignored to make this list) for paying to watch the Cavaliers for all games not listed in 1 and 2, above:

3 - win zillion$, buy into the Cavaliers' ownership, and get free insies at all home Cavs' games for sure, and maybe some insies on road games (I may have to pay for those road games, but I am a zillionaire, so what?)

4 - win mere million$, get Cavs' season tickets, and watch all the home games, and go to sports bars and watch all the roadies while munching on nice bar food or pizza and drinking Leinienkugel's Honey Weiss. (If this option is chosen, I'll even host a couple watch parties for Fear the Swordistas, food included, pay for your own alcohol).

5 - buy NBA League Pass

6 - risk doing some unethical and likely illegal things and seeking alternative ways to watch the Cavs. (I seriously doubt that I would risk this with all the ransomware and virii out there.)

7 - Buy NBA Radio League Pass (if it exists any more, I can't seem to find it).

OK, let's concede that 3. 4. 6 are all off the table at the moment (and likely forever and a day).

And 7 doesn't seem to be an option any longer at the moment, either.

So I have 1, 2, and 5 - League Pass, if the pricing holds, would be $120 for the entire Cavs' season, or $200 for the whole league (minus the Timberwolves' live games, which are blacked out here).

OK, for one season, $120 - I need some reasons why I should pay the NBA ecosystem $120 to watch games from a league and players' association that so utterly has disrespected Ricky Rubio, all other non-superstars, and all small market teams.

I am getting far too old to put up with baloney, folderol, and manure, and if Adam Silver, Rachel Nichols, the Walt Disney Corporation, and Chris Paul don't believe this, I will get a giant 3 6 9 KW MW GW TW boombox and blast their eardrums to Nunavut from New York at Mach 7.6 playing Twisted Sister in their faces (...we're not gonna take it anymore...!), while burning down their she sheds (State Farm, deny their claims, I'm not their good neighbor!)

Buuuuut... here at Fear the Sword are nicer than Captain Feathersword (Fear the Sword is an anagram for Feathersword, by the way!), so...

...elevator pitch *** time - please sell me on getting NBA League Pass for the Cavs this upcoming season.

Thanks in advance.

* - I may, with one of the two free tickets I will get for the Timberwolves this upcoming season, get to watch the Cavs live at Target Center, we'll see how the availability shakes out.

*** - or longer than an elevator pitch - I doubt SB Nation's commenting will allow for "War and Peace" sized commentary, though, but if someone does manage to get that much in, I will definitely try to read it all :)

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