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Cleveland Cavaliers 2021 Media Day open thread

Cavs basketball is almost back.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Media Day is here and Cleveland Cavaliers basketball is almost back.

This is a different sort of media day. Not everyone is speaking on the podium — only a select group of players, plus head coach J.B. Bickerstaff and general manager Koby Altman. But it’s back in person at the team’s practice facility in Independence with media members wearing masks and everyone still keeping distant in line with COVID protocols.

It also, of course, means that Cavs basketball is almost back. Preseason basketball kicks off soon and regular season basketball comes in later October, probably with fuller capacity. Considering how weird last year felt, it feels more normal even if there are still some restrictions.

This means gameethreads/open thread are back with the new commenting platform. As always: Keep it clean and cordial below. There is not room for people being jerks in the Fear the Sword comment section.

Let’s have some fun! Cavs basketball is very close to being back.