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Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers news and links for Monday, January 17

It’s a snowy one in Cleveland, so why not bundle up and click some links?

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Brooklyn Nets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

Afternoon Cavs basketball when it’s too snowy to go anywhere (if you live in the area that is) and you hopefully have the day off >>>>

The first sip

I don’t know if Dylan Windler is going to ever work out. Odds are, he won’t as of right now. (The buzz around him pre last season when some in the organization really pushed him and his role really hasn’t worked out.) I think it’s somewhat clear that the coaching staff doesn’t trust him a ton.

All that said: I think he probably deserves some run — maybe 8-10 minutes a night — just to extend out the Cavs’ rotation a bit. It’s getting close to now or never with him and the team needs more bodies to keep minute totals more reasonable for the best guys on the team. In theory, he also provides shooting. Dean Wade probably deserves a look under this criteria too.

Tl;dr: I think the Cavs should probably try to play 10 or so guys a night because this is a marathon not a spring and Windler is the obvious guy to try and plug in some of those minutes. Thoughts?

Read this

It being MLK Day, read his Letter from Birmingham Jail

Links of the day

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