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Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers news and links for Tuesday, January 18

Cavs-Nets was a hoot and a half.

Brooklyn Nets v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Happy Tuesday!

The first sip

Cavs-Nets yesterday was maybe the most fun and tense Cavs game of the year. Is that crazy to say?

It felt like it had stakes. It was back and forth. It saw both teams go ahead and land punches and then have to withstand shots coming back the other way. It saw high level shot making on both sides. It had high-level defensive play, particularly on the Cavs’ side. As far as regular season games go, this really had it all.

Is there a Cavs game that had more of this? I can’t really think of one. If there is, tell me below.

Read this

At Basketball News, Jackson Frank on the monster year Joel Embiid is having. Personally, I think the 76ers would be the most fascinating Cavs playoff matchup at least as I’m thinking about it right now.

Links of the day

Still thinking about this Kevin Love pass from Monday

Steve Nash on Durant’s injury: ‘We can’t feel sorry for ourselves’

Ask again about the COVID-19 vaccine, Kyrie Irving says he won’t take it

Eric Adams really did say this

Steven Adams doing Stevens Adams things to avoid a scuffle in Grizzlies-Bulls

Good story from yesterday’s game from Ashley Bastock