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Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers news and links for Wednesday January 26

Cavs news and links for today.

2020 NBA All-Star - Rising Stars Game Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

Good morning! Your Cleveland Cavaliers play basketball again tonight and there’s renewed optimism that Collin Sexton isn’t actually done for the season. This is a great day!

The first sip

The Rising Stars game has been tough to watch for the last decade or so. It has all the bad qualities of all-star games but doesn’t feature many all-stars. The game quickly turns into a three-point shooting and dunk contest that doesn’t resemble a basketball game. Changing the format to USA vs. the World didn’t do much to make the game more competitive.

This year could be different. While the format is a bit contrived to say the least, it can only be a step up from what we’ve seen in previous years.

I have tickets to the Rising Stars game as it’s the only main All-Star Weekend events I could reasonably afford to go to. I wasn’t expecting a good game when I bought the tickets but the experience sounded like it was worth going to.

Maybe this format change will make the game better. I think it will. But at the very least I know that I’m not missing out if it doesn’t work.

The second sip

This clip from a Celtics podcast made me laugh.

It’s like these people don’t know how good Dean Wade’s defense is.

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Links of the day

Collin Sexton ‘on schedule’ in knee surgery rehab, won’t rule out returning if Cavaliers make postseason

The Westbrook trade the Lakers need. Plus, more observations from around the NBA.

Bucks extended forecast

In case you missed it last week. Could the Cavaliers win the East’s no. 1 seed?

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