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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Milwaukee Bucks gamethread

Jarrett Allen is back for a key Cavs Central Division matchup

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Chicago Bulls Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Jarrett Allen, after missing Monday’s game against the Knicks due to a non-COVID illness, is back tonight for the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Milwaukee Bucks, That’s good news, particularly for a game against the defending NBA champions.

This game is also kind of wild because if the Cavs win, they will go ahead of the Bucks in the standings in the Eastern Conference. It would also give Cleveland a 2-1 record against the Bucks this season, which theoretically could matter for possible playoff tiebreakers. (These two teams will play one more time this year in the last game of the season for both teams.)

All of this is wild. Even if you were optimistic about this Cavs team, this feels like such a leveling up in a way that feels like an unlikely outcome particularly considering the injuries the team has dealt with this year.

What a year this has been. This game is proof of how far this team has come.