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Pool report confirms that Terry Rozier’s three-pointer should not have counted in Cavaliers-Hornets

That tracks!

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers at Charlotte Hornets Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, here is one of the most bizarre players you’ll see in an NBA game. Clip via r/nba:

In word form: Dean Wade stepped out of bounds with the ball. A referee blows the play dead. As players tend to do, Terry Rozier went to shoot after the whistle was blown dead and missed a three-pointer in front of the Cavs bench. (Look at Ed Davis clearly touching Rozier from the bench as he shoots.)

In real time, it was clear that this shot should not have counted. But the refs did end up counting it despite vigorous protesting from the Cavs’ bench. This cut the Cavs’ lead down to six after the three and a technical Ed Davis was called for. In a one-point game, this absolutely could have mattered more.

Asked about it after the game, Cavs coach J.B. Bickerstaff declined to commit on the play, but said there were some “uncontrollables out there” in terms of how the game played out.

Here is the pool report via the NBA in full with Rod Boone of the Charlotte Observer conducting the interview with crew chief Brian Forte:

QUESTION: Why was Ed Davis called for a technical foul?

FORTE: Davis, who was located on the bench, reached over the boundary line and made contact with Rozier.

QUESTION: Was he thrown out of the game at first? Seemed like it was a continuation foul and that was the call initially.

FORTE: Correct. He was not thrown out of the game. The official made the signal with his arm that the basket was successful. He was never ejected.

QUESTION: Why were the Hornets rewarded with three points when the shot attempt that led to the technical came after the stoppage?

FORTE: It was miscommunication amongst the crew about the sequence of the play. Upon review after the game, the out of bounds was called prior to the start of the field goal attempt and the shot should not have counted.

QUESTION: What did you see on the final review where Kevin Love was awarded two free throws?

FORTE: The foul by Rozier occurred at 1.2 on the game clock after Love had started his shooting motion.

So, in short: The refs messed up. They admitted as much. The Cavs won anyway.