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Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers news and links for Sunday, February 6

Today’s Cavs news and links.

New Orleans Pelicans v Cleveland Cavaliers Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

Happy Sunday, friends. Ready for Cavs-Pacers later?

The first sip

It’s linked below, but Collin Sexton is now a Klutch client. Does it matter?

My understanding is that it maybe matters. Klutch as a good relationship with the Cavs. They’ll also now be negotiating not just for Sexton in the summer, but also for Darius Garland as he becomes extension eligible. Both sides balancing those realities matters.

But does Sexton being a Klutch client inherently make it easier for the Cavs to re-sign him in the summer as he hits restricted free agency? I would say no. What it would seem to indicate is that he wasn’t happy with whatever his previous agency (CAA) was doing and switch. It just so happens that it’s an agency Cleveland has a familiarity with.

So, tl;dr: Bookmark this for later. I’d be curious to ask him and Cavs brass if/when a deal gets done if the agency switch made it any easier.

Read this

At BR, Mo Dakhil makes the argument against the 76ers trading for James Harden

Links of the day

Collin Sexton has moved agencies (Note that Klutch is also Darius Garland’s agency, as well as LeBron James, Jordan Clarkson, J.R. Smith and Tristan Thompson among ex-Cavaliers.)

More LeVert-Cavs smoke

Frank Vogel on Russell Westbrook after Westbrook did not play in OT on Saturday

The latest on Paul George and Kawhi Leonard returning this season