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Cup of Cavs: Cleveland Cavaliers news and links for Monday, February 7

Starting off the week with some Caris Levert-themed links.

Los Angeles Clippers v Indiana Pacers Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

Happy Monday, friends. Let’s talk about Caris LeVert, shall we?

The first sip

Just a few few notes on the LeVert trade....

  • I think the price — Ricky Rubio’s expiring, a protected first-round pick, two second-round picks, including one via the Rockets — is fair. LeVery provides something the Cavs needed in a scorer who can get to the rim and take pressure off of Darius Garland.
  • The fit isn’t perfect — he’s not a plus-shooter as would be optimal and he has some tunnel vision when the ball is in his hands. But he’s a good player who fits.
  • The contract for now is also reasonable — this year and next year at a fair number. A possible extension in the summer is interesting to consider, but is hard to speculate on now considering LeVert has yet to play a single minute for Cleveland.
  • I think the best starting lineup for the Cavs will be Garland, LeVert, Lauri Markkanen once healthy, Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen. Markkanen provides needed spacing (at least in theory). The trio I want to see a lot of, though, is LeVert-Allen-Kevin Love bench units.
  • Staggering LeVert and Garland makes a lot of sense on paper. I think this move could see the Rajon Rondo/Brandon Goodwin minutes squeezed, particularly if those minutes are going to Rondo.
  • Would not be shocked if the Cavs make a run at Rubio next summer. In fact, I’d expect it. What a fun important player he was for Cleveland prior to his ACL injury.
  • The Cavs still having a second-round pick from the Spurs and getting a 2022 second-rounder via Miami back from Indiana matters. Cleveland has to still find young, cost effective depth at the end of its roster going forward. Two shots at that apple in next year’s draft (barring possible trades) is good.

Read this

A reminder that LeVert was a high school star in Ohio and almost went to Ohio University before ending up at Michigan

Links of the day

Per Woj, the Cavs will look to sign LeVert to an extension in the offseason

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